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Redeemed Time

This project was inspired by the concern of losing valuable life stories of elderly people who have entire lives full of experiences that could be beneficial to younger generations listening to them. I was asked by two individuals from a local Romanian church nearby Portland, Oregon, if I would be willing to help film and edit interviews of elderly from this church. This is a series that covers what life was like for these individuals in communist Romania, post-communism, and as an immigrant in the United States. The interviews make sure to highlight and recognize their spiritual lives, what their experiences as a non-Christian and becoming a Christian were like, especially when facing persecution under the communist regime.  

The Process

The process behind this series is simple. The interview is done inside of a church, with the background being the congregational area of the church and dimly lit only by the lights used for the interview. There are three cameras used for the interview, a camera for each speaker as a medium shot, and a wide shot camera centered on the speakers.

Video Editing for Professional Comedian

I reached out to ask if an editor was needed, and after providing some examples of work I have done, I was given a chance to edit a couple of videos. Through lots of communication and a production of multiple drafts, I learned exactly all the small details that were preferred in the video edits I was created and the style expected of these videos. I am now able to produce final edits with less drafts due to learning the style and details expected of me. I am simply provided the footage, and told which time stamps to include within the cuts. Once I produce a draft, I send it over for revision until the final drafts meets expectations.

Behind the Food

The purpose behind this project is to help others understand the meaning behind cultural food to others. To better understand this, this video stars one of my coworkers, who is Vietnamese, cooking a traditional Vietnamese dish, Bò Lúc Lắc, explaining the significance and meaning of this dish to him. I wanted to give an opportunity for others to understand more about Asian and Pacific Islander culture and food. 

The Process

The process behind this video was simple. We found a kitchen on campus that was available for us to use, and set a date and time to use it. I rented out two cameras, and set one up to be standing in place on a tripod, while the other I used as a handheld, floating camera. My coworker made sure he made a list of which ingredients he needed to purchase and have ready for the day we filmed. We then filmed the cooking that day, and all that was left was for me to edit the video together, add captions, and post it online. 

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