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My idea for this video was to use content that I enjoy watching. I enjoy watching comedy shows and skits. Some of my most favorite comedians to listen to and watch are Key and Peele.

I wanted the editing style of this video to reflect the editing style of anime, which I also enjoy watching. I like how action themed anime has a dramatic way of editing, and I wanted that reflect that, while also having a somewhat lighthearted and comedic effect to it. 

Key and Peele's "Mexican Standoff" is tense and holds people in suspense on what will happen. There are multiple people talking. As I watched the piece, I could envision this being turned into an anime, or at least edited in the style of an anime. 


The Process

The process for making this video was simple. I used After effects and Photoshop in order to make this video. The process did not take long, and only required me to know how to use both Photoshop and After Effects. 

I first had to find images that would fit the video itself and what I wanted to portray. I searched up anime characters for the people in the video, and cartoon characters and objects for the rest. I was then able to transfer all of these over to Photoshop. In Photoshop, I selected the part of the image I wanted to remove, whether it was in the foreground or background, and deleted it. I made sure I had the 'fill background' option selected, so that the space where I deleted would auto generate. I then used the stamp tool and tried my best to fill in the background so it would not look altered. I then was able to layer the two pieces back together and animate the object that is now its own layer just slightly to create the parallax effect. 

For other images, all I needed to do was select the character I wanted to keep in the foreground, and delete the background. I then layered on multiple effects to get a texture on the image, and then added it onto a new background. I added some animations to give it more effect.

For the text in the video, I simply added a black box and added text inside the box. I added the typewriter effect on top of it to have the text move on its own as the character talks, similar to a video game. For the rest of the video, like the glitch at the end, I had three different colored bar images disappear and reappear at rapid succession. For the floor with the hands and guns, I simply cut out these objects and placed them together on top of a blueprint image I found. 

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