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I started my education at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR, September, 2016, and completed it June, 2020.


I received my Bachelor of Arts in Digital Communication Arts, and a Minor in Asian Languages and Culture for Japanese.

I started my education at Temple University August, 2021, and completed it May, 2023. I received my Master's of Arts in Media Studies and Production.

Some of the courses I have taken at OSU include ART 121 - Foundations: Computers in Visual Arts, and New Media Communication courses, such as NMC 399 - Special Topics, 2D Motion Design, Podcasting, and Interactive Design, NMC 351 - New Media Visualization, and NMC 487 - Virtual Media.


Some of the courses I have taken at Temple University include MSP 5011, Introduction to Communication Concepts, MSP 5701 - Producing and Directing, MSP 5042 - Media Technology and Culture, MSP 3709 - Advanced Editing, MSP 5310 - "Interactive Video Storytelling," MSP 8741, Emergent Media Production, and FMA 5473 Moving Camera Workshop.

With these courses, I learned how to use various Adobe programs, such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop, as well as 3D modeling programs, such as Maya and Unity, and interactive platforms such as Eko Studio. I learned how to work in studios and production teams, how to handle various types of equipment and cameras, and learned more about scriptwriting and editing. Using these skills, I have been able to create media across different forms.

My education also included some experience abroad. I worked in collaboration with HdM Stuttgart Media School in order to make a virtual world, making 3D models and assembling them into a virtual world. In addition, I stayed in South Korea for two and a half weeks to study art and design in Seoul and on Jeju Island. I traveled around the areas, learning about digital art, architecture, clothing, typography, and much more about Korea's history in relation to art and design. Additionally, I have won multiple awards from Temple University for both independent video projects and films I have created, as well as group productions. I have also conducted research studies with a major streaming platform company. 

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