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Lightbulb Photoshop Series

My idea for this series was to make viewers give a second look to these photos. The desired feeling I wanted to evoke from these photos was containment. The constrained holding of a place or object that is usually free and spread out should be contradicted within these photos. The idea that something beautiful, yet uncontainable, should be almost ironically viewed inside of these lightbulbs. 

fish in a lightbulb
Tropical island in a light bulb
sydney city in lightbulb
stars in sky in lightbulb
galaxy in a lightbulb
Cat inside light bulb
death star inside light bulb
star wars scenery with imperial walkers.
tree growing in lightbulb
Japanese Garden in winter in light bulb.
Japanese Garden in the winter in light b
tree frog jumping in water in light bulb
tree frog jumping in water in black ligh
swan on lake in light bulb
African dwarf frog in water - yellow
African dwarf frog in water - blue
flamingos flying in a light bulb
Gru in Lightbulb

The Process

I simply looked up as many lightbulbs as I could that had a somewhat neutral color background and were clear, and then tried to match the coloring and lighting from the lightbulb with an image that I could find online. I then traced just the glass part of the lightbulb, placed the image over it, and masked it within the glass. From there, I started playing around with the image effects, including color balance, vibrance, hue, saturation, and much more.

Colored Light Portraits