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Fun Facts About Me

  • I have a Bachelor's of Arts from Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR, and a Master's of Arts from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA

  • I run a personal travel YouTube channel

  • I am a 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo, a Korean martial arts

  • I speak two languages fluently, and two others conversationally

  • I have traveled to more than 10 different countries

  • I was born in Arad, Romania

Crina Andreea Ioanas

Hello! I am a recent Masters of Arts graduate in Media Studies and Production from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. I graduated from Oregon State University in the spring of 2020 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Digital Communication Arts, and a Minor in Asian Languages and Culture for Japanese. I received my Master's Degree in May, 2023.


This website is a portfolio to showcase all my skills and projects I have developed while at Oregon State University and Temple University. I have a great interest in making creative video content, and have produced ] projects in various production forms, such as 3D modeling, virtual worlds, animation, and short films. 

My most challenging project I have created was a virtual world from scratch. Sculpting objects in 3D in Maya, assembling them in Unity,  and transferring it into a virtual reality platform were all new skills I had to discover on the way. I also learned how to apply production skills, such as keeping in mind a color theme, lighting, sound design, space and sizing relevant to real world understanding, all within a virtual world.

My biggest production was Edge of an Age, a 20 minute short film. I was given a production team, put out casting calls, managed auditions, created a budget, fundraised, created camera shots and storyboards, assumed the position as camera director on production days, created multiple edits of the film, and put together social media profiles for the project. This project was a great experience for me to get a look into the world of production.

I created my first independent short docufilm titled Daughters of Immigrants. It is a 28 minute film on the experiences of daughters of immigrants living within two different cultures and how that is affected because they are women. Accompanying this film is a 35 page paper, "Daughters of Immigrants: How Coming of Age Women Traverse Bicultural Worlds" with research on the topics discussed in the film and of my experience making this film.

My goal is to continue finding ways to produce creative content, improve and add to my skills in media production, and find others to share this with.

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